Community Outreach (SHES)
Leader: Pastor L. Lewis

Samaritan Hope Empowerment Services (SHES)

"Serving Hands, Loving Hearts"

                               Luke 10:33-37                                        


SHES; a hands-on service agency, serving people and cultivating a selfless attitude in the lives of those whom we serve. We are building through education, motivation, intervention and encouraging expectancy that brings desired results. Partnering with likeminded agencies has increased our efforts. Our instruments for service is comprised of our "S.O.U.L. Academy, School of Unlimited Learning"; Christian Academy, Sarah's Daughters, Seeds of Abraham, Abstinence Program, Family and Personal Counseling and Housing Facilities.

Our targeted agendas brings preventive measures, fostering intervention, retention, focus and sustainability to those we serve.


Being the solution building healthy lives and communities through a holistic approach. Empowering the individual and family unit beyond dysfunction.  


S.O.U.L. ACADEMY - School of Empowerment - Spirit, Soul and Body

"School of Unlimited Learning"

~The Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste~               

Private Education  our private education focuses on individual learning through our pace system. This give each of our student the will to learn while not being intimidated by their peers. Our mission is to be an extended solution to the epidemic of failing students. We help our students learn the value, purpose, focus and passion it takes to learn and grow. To be that catalyst of effective teaching through our heuristic approach. Teaching them the art of good discipline within themselves that brings results! Students of Unlimited Learning enables them to maintain the ability to be teachable in all levels of life.


Sarah's Daughters a service tool that provides essential training and life skills for teenagers and young women, a strategic curriculum designed to empower them for purpose. A vital component includes the art of building relation through the skill of communication, mentoring, etiquette tips, book club, goal setting, journaling, entrepreneurship and much more. Participants also receive first-hand experience of the joy of volunteering and serving others. This ministry is absolutely essential and ever-expanding, and soon to include services such as tutoring, job placement and housing for displaced and homeless girls and young women. 


Seeds of Abraham an empowering service that impacts while grooming boys to men and men to service in our community. Building through a proven strategy that brings practical information, intervention and relational communication that influence unity. Practical Life Skills training that includes OJT – On-the-Job-Training; along with mentoring, encouragement, and building self esteem. Our boys and men are stimulated bringing realization that influences them to take an active role in educating themself. 


Our Mentorship Network is a place where the Mentor and Mentee meet and interact. Mentoring is available for all areas of life. Those possessing skills or knowledge in a particular area will have an opportunity to share with others in need of guiding and giving information that assist the Mentee in moving forward in their pursuit. A network that's simply designed to assist those with the heart to give and help those with a mind to grow. This crucial resource embodies the true spirit of mentoring, which is based on generosity and empowerment of our fellow man. We extend a hand out, to give a hand up.

If you desire to give of your knowledge and empower others, by being one of our Mentors (guide, couselor, coach), or as a Mentee (one looking to receive knowledge) please email your name and email address; and details in regards to your area of professionalism. We will email our policy and procedures and include your information in our Mentorship Network database.


The "Art of Staying Together"  marital and premarital counseling. Our marriage and family counseling is geared towards empowering first the relationship between the husband and wife; and then the children.  We empower through education and preparation which is a vital step in maintaining the family relationship. Our premarital sessions teach both the husband and wife role in healthy family building. This type of preparation ahead of the experience is the necessary glue that holds marriage relationships together causing reslience for uninterupted endurance. Our sessions includes; The art of communication, conflict resolution, romance, finance, and children. These factors should be considered before the decision to join together as one. As potential newly weds, this essential training assist you with knowing how to better prepare yourself to weather the storms that life brings.

"I Choose to Wait" Abstinence Education  a vital program tool that's proven to educate our youth; branding their knowledge that abstaining from sex outside of marriage is  the expected standard for them. This lifestyle of abstaining is the only way to avoid teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and other health problems. We teach them that sex outside of marriage can have psychological and physical effects that can interrupt healthy cognitive growth. Bringing enlightment that bearing children outside of marriage can likely bring harmful consequences to the child, themselves, and society. We teach them how to abstain by overcoming pressures that comes from themselves, family issues and peers. This also includes how to reject sexual advances; and that alcohol and drugs increases their likelihood to become victim to unwanted sexual results. 

Our youth learn the importance of self-sufficiency before engaging in sexual activity. We give them a clear understanding of what family life entails; such as faithful relationship between married adults. This is the standard for healthy human sexuality. 


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